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2019-11-20 20:30

Hướng Dẫn Học Và Làm Bài Tiếng Anh 8 (Tập 1 + Tập 2) Trực tuyến Người đọc

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Don’t judge a book by its cover is the theme of this post. When I received my copy of My Love, My Enemy, I took one look at the cover and decided it was a bodice-ripping romance. I’ll admit, I also thought that Jan Cox Speas was a non de plume with the middle name specifically targeted to the romance reader. I was pleasantly surprised as I started reading My Love, My Enemy, to find a great historical fiction adventure story set during the War of 1812. There is no bodice ripping at all and instead a sweet, chaste romance. I loved it! Catherine “Page” Bradley is a young 18-year old girl from a family of seven daughters. One inauspicious day in 1813, she sneaks on to the family slope the “Catherine” for a ride through the Chesapeake Bay in order to purchase a new frock in Annapolis. While in town, Page accidently rescues Lord Hazard from a mob who is convinced he is a British spy. Duncan McDougall, the family servant who had manned the slope, sets sail for back home with Page, Lord Hazard, and Farley (Lord Hazard’s servant). Unfortunately, they are captured by a British frigate, and so begins Page’s epic journey. The four end up being captured and recaptured numerous times by numerous governments and sail halfway around the world and back again. It leads for quite an adventure and quite an interesting history lesson at the British battle both Napoleon and James Madison, and Page witnesses the burning of Washington, D.C. first hand. There is also a sweet romance between Page and Hazard. Can Page learn to love the enemy? For the rest of my review, please check out my blog at: http://lauragerold.blogspot.com/2011/...

2019-11-21 01:30

Tối Ưu Hoá Windows XP Trực tuyến Người đọc

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The first thing I noticed about this book is that it was reviewed by Barbara Bush, and her review made me throw up in my mouth a little. (In case anybody is interested, when I hear the name "Barbara Bush", I hear again Barbara's voice on the radio during the aftermath of Katrina, saying how the shattered former New Orleanians at the Houston shelter "never had it so good." I will never forgive her for that. And Laura! Laura couldn't even remember the name of the hurricane) Somehow this book had that weirdly clueless quality that I associate with the Bushes. I feel a little bad about saying that; it's a sweet little book, and clearly the protagonists (Denver, 61 and black and homeless, and Ron, 55 and rich and white) tried to be as honest as they could in telling their stories. But this is a memoir, and what makes memoirs resonate is complete honesty: telling the bad as well as the good. Ron and Denver try to tell the bad and the good about themselves, but they just can't bring themselves to say anything bad about Ron's wife Deborah, whom they both view as a perfect saint. Maybe she was all they say she was; but humanity, not divinity, is what makes saints interesting. If you leave out their warts, they become two-dimensional, and that's how Deborah comes off; and that made the whole story kind of...precious. And I don't mean that nicely.

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