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2019-01-06 02:30

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Amanda Lifson Mr. Rich English 13 October, 2011 Vizzini, Ned. It's Kind of a Funny Story. New York: Miramax /Hyperion For Children, 2006. Print. It's Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini is a book that deals with the enormous pressure put on teenagers to achieve academically and how that pressure leads to depression and suicide. That sounds like a pretty heavy book. The themes are mature, but the book is written in a way that you are able to tolerate horrible situations through laughter. You learn while chuckling that striving to achieve is not worth losing your happiness. The protagonist, Craig Gilner, is a freshman in high school who has already mapped out what he views as the perfect plan to be successful in life. This plan includes perfect grades that he believes will lead to a perfect life. “Which meant I wasn’t going to get a 98 in the class, which meant I wasn’t anywhere close to a 98.6 average (body temperature, that’s what you needed to get)…” (14 Vizzini). If Gilner doesn’t achieve a 98.6 average in class then, in his twisted way of thinking, his destiny becomes one of failure, through a downward spiral that from one step to another leads to homelessness and depression. You aren’t surprised when his failure in school leads him to almost jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge. In a moment of clarity, Craig decides to save himself by checking into an adult psychiatric hospital. At this point you are preparing for mental breakdowns, insane people and their problems, and overbearing doctors. It doesn’t happen. Craig struggles, sure, but he slowly gets better. You gradually learn, along with Craig, that it is more important to live life than to live up to the expectations of society and the conventional notion of “success.” As Craig discovers this, he also begins to realizes how genuine his fellow patients are and how insincere his friends at home are by comparison. The phone call from the outside world is no longer a comfort or a way back to a better place: “And I slam the phone down. It hits my finger and I go howling into my room, next to Muqtada. “What happened?” he asks. “I don’t have any friends, I say jumping and holding my finger. “This is a tough thing to learn”” (257-258 Vizzini). From that point on, Craig takes a hard look at what he truly values in life and what makes him happy. There is a freedom Craig experiences as he gets rid of the friends, the plan, and the self-imposed pressure that nearly drove him to the brink. While Craig is busy figuring out how to survive his teenage years and beyond, he is surrounded by tiny, insane moments that make you smile. There is an activities room bongo session to the song “I Shot the Sherif,” a poker game where a conspiracy theorist with no teeth, stuffs her bra with buttons for betting, and Armelio, the self-elected president of the ward, who answers the wing’s phone with “Joe’s Pub.” It’s Kind of a Funny Story has a dark plot. Yet, in reality, the book is more hopeful and humorous. For so many teenagers the problems Craig faces in this book are personal and relatable. His story gives a positive message to kids in the world struggling with depression like Craig. This novel is for anyone who believes life is tough but that it can get better, and the path through life can be kind of a funny story.

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