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2018-12-24 17:31

Tư Mã Thiên - Chu Du Muôn Dặm Trực tuyến Người đọc

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“Until the Dawn” by Desiree Holt and Cerise DeLand was an excellent read. I am starting to enjoy other genres than just romance but it is still my passion. This story combined sex, romance, and a plot to overthrow the government in a well written, fast paced story. Madison is an employee for the Speaker of the U. S. House of Representatives . She starts to desire Dan Foreman. In a brief sex act in the stairwell during and important function, Madison realizes she wants more. Back at her place, they have to-die for sex, which is sure to have readers close to fainting at the sheer heat level, then Dan leaves out of the blue. Madison begins to worry. She knows better than to think it was a one night stand. She begins to make calls, which backfires and raises her suspicions that something just isn’t right. She comes home and finds her place without power. And there’s a surprise visitor there. Dan. He confides in her that he is an operative for the CIA and he’s investigating illegal gun trafficking, which traced back to the very office she works in. Madison tells him about a file she found in his computer, which is encrypted. Dan realizes the person responsible is setting him up as the fall guy. Madison calls in a friend, who runs a private branch of security. The woman is able to help them hide while they get to the bottom of the case. During this time, the president and vice president take ill, which means that if they die, the Speaker of the House becomes president. This is cause for concern when they realize he is crooked. His plan is to take over the government. In a race against time, Madison and Dan have to hold on to their budding relationship while running for their lives. I loved reading this story. It expands the fear that most Americans feel in this difficult economic time. It makes you think, what if this was to happen. Chances are, there won’t be a sexy man to save us. I give this four flames for intense sexual heat. A cold shower or ice pack may be required with this story.

Người đọc Pornsak Saswattecha từ Damal, Tamil Nadu , India

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