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2018-08-15 19:31

Doraemon - Chú Mèo Máy Đến Từ Tương Lai (Tập 38) Trực tuyến Người đọc

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Most books for kids on the subject of paleontology serve up pretty much the same predictable soup full of dinosaur bones, fossils, and geological (yawn) history. Even the proposed activities can all start to sound the same, and, except for some cool illustrations every now and then, offer little in terms of anything new and exciting. Not so for BONES ROCK! by Peter Larson and Kristin Donnan. From page one I was entranced by the easy-going narrative style of Peter Larson, a premiere paleontologist and dynamic storyteller. Readers tag along as Larson goes on his digs and excavates fossils (including two T-Rex!). Larson simply yet comprehensively explains how fossils progress (digress??) from living, breathing dinosaurs to posing in museums surrounded by schoolchildren. In addition to having great stories, BONES ROCK! is chock full of color photographs, fascinating sidebars, sample projects, a glossary, and resources such as kids' clubs, organizations, and where kids can go for summer digs. (The only thing that could have made it better would have been an index.) Before I read this book, I had no idea that I was a latent paleontologist, but now I'm considering a summer dig, or at least a trip into fossil territory to try my luck and train my not-so-eagle-eye. Who knew? Every kid remotely interested in science or dinosaurs needs to read this book. Larson's right -- bones DO rock! (For ages 8-99; Invisible Cities Press, 2004.)

Người đọc Luna Huang từ Todarpur Durga Prasad, Uttar Pradesh , India

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